• Child and Parent Split Notification
  • ASIN change Notification
  • Negative seller comment notification
  • Hijacker notification
  • Stranded inventory notification
  • Listing fault notification
  • Suppressed buy box notification
  • Performance metric notification

Client Story

Accountdr called us requesting to make their platform look intuitive and dependable. They wished to add a lot of essential features to their site and make it advantageous and useful for their clients.

The Challenges

Our client wants to make it more UI and UX friendly to make it more comprehendible to their users.

Because they wished to add a lot of essential features, our team come up with fresh ideas and features. We optimized push notifications and email notifications.

The Solution

Upon understanding the needs of our clients, we have selected a team of seasoned and skilled app developers to make use of the most excellent technology, and come up with a site that meets the aim of our clients. Also, we utilized state of the art tools and newest technologies to create diverse web panels, and we infused a lot of features in respect to the needs of our clients.

The Results

Amazon sellers were happy after using the site because it assisted them in keeping their Amazon accounts and, at the same time, reach their business goals.

We made an application, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of our clients. We come up with a user-friendly, useful, and very responsive website that is beneficial for Amazon sellers.

We also build a well-designed landing page as well as subscription services.


Web Application



What We Did

Amazon MWS

Keepa API


Madmimi Mail.

100% Automation

Admin/user Panel

User Analytics


Automated tool