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We provide customized tools that are up to date with industry trends. Grow your business by utilizing the greatest ecommerce tool that is tailored to your specific needs. Every seller has unique needs, and we listen to them attentively before providing them with customized solutions that meet their needs.

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We provide Amazon SP API, Amazon Advertising, and major marketplace automation integrations with incredible custom applications. Check out for more information.

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We understand your current selling procedure and your requirements. We then discuss and find out best solution wireframes.



After wireframes, we provide planning of the scope of work and plan the whole scope priority wise as discussed
with client.



After understanding requirements, we finalise best technology suitable and develop custom tool that would simply make your work easy.



We do all security checks and then move the codes from development server to production. As new requirements comes we follow the same flow - Agile Method.

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Amazon SP API is a REST-based API that allows selling partners to methodically access data about orders, shipping, payments, and many other aspects. Sellers can improve their selling productivity, reduce labor costs, and improve customer response time by utilizing the Amazon SP API.

What Amazon SP API Provides?

  • Inventory management — You can perform batch uploads of inventory, add products, check inventory levels, examine pricing information, and other inventory management tasks.
  • Order management — You can download order information, obtain payment data, acknowledge orders, and schedule reports.
  • Reports management — You can request a variety of reports as well as query the status of these reports, and then download them.
  • Create inbound shipments to an Amazon fulfillment center — You can automate the process for creating labels for units you ship to a fulfillment center.
  • Check status of inbound shipments — You can check to see if your shipment has reached a fulfillment center and, if so, whether the shipment has been processed.
  • Submit fulfillment orders — By integrating your system with Amazon MWS, you can enable your customers to submit multi-channel fulfillment orders at any time. There is no lag time while you process or batch orders.
  • Track and manage outbound shipment requests — Once orders have left an Amazon fulfillment center, you can track shipments and keep your customers aware of arrival times.

You can create tools for your own Seller account by using the Amazon SP API. You can also develop tools and sell them to other sellers to assist them in managing their online businesses.

You can make following tools using Amazon SP API

  • In Depth Profit Analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Amazon Listing creator & management
  • Sync multiple platforms like amazon to shopify / amazon to walmart and many more
  • Amazon advertising data reporting & bid automation
  • Report automation (Amazon's total 80+ reports)
  • FBA Fee Calculator
  • Sync amazon data with Excel / data studio
  • Inbound shipment automation
  • Seasonal Repricers for buy box win automation
  • Data scraping / keepa Integration and many other modules

The Amazon Advertising API allows you to automate, scale, and optimize advertising. The API provides access to campaign and performance data for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display, allowing for programmatic campaign management and reporting.

The API enables users to develop customized solutions that satisfy their needs and goals and enhance their integration with Amazon Advertising. The API provides the majority of the functionality of the advertising dashboard like Product Sourcing, Keyword Analysis, SEO and many more while enabling programmatic administration, which enables advertisers to manage ads or ad groups according to predetermined specifications.