With purchase order management software, you get the utmost flexibility for making as well as sending the purchase order. It is also considered the most reliable and superb solution for the proper and constant communication between the producer and the seller. This state of the art software was able to manage many purchase orders and also monitor every purchase order regardless of stage.

Client Story

Amazelligence wished to come up with the best solution to monitor purchase orders with their supplier. This is because they were selling in the various marketplace like Amazon, eBay, and a whole lot more. Our client had many purchase orders with one UPS codes and SKUs that make it hard for them to monitor virtual stock as well as real stocks.

The Challenges

We are required to make the perfect solution ideal for warehouse staff, backend operating team as well as manufacturers. We gave to be aware for the manufacturer to be quick, easy for the backend team as well as backend office members to be more insights, data as well as automation and in detail analysis oriented.

The Solution

Our team discussed the possible solution and provided a architecture overture and planned a solution that made lots of processes corresponding and invalidated the waiting time for specific jobs in the automation of the systems. We also keep in mind the logic and inventory reconciliation automation.

The Results

The solution that we provided to our clients includes the automation of inventory reconciliation, notifications for due inventory, payments due, and alerts for discrepancies in the inbound delivery.



What We Did