Transforming E-commerce with AI-driven Product Analysis

Ergode Transforming E-commerce with AI-driven Product Analysis

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Highlights of the Project

1. Comprehensive Product Details: Ergode's AI-based system offers in-depth product insights, aiding decision-making.

2. Improved Sales Performance: The solution's recommendations and optimizations have led to increased sales for clients.

3. Enhanced Product Visibility: Ergode's project has significantly improved product ranking and visibility on Amazon.

4. Strategic Expertise: Leveraging years of experience, Ergode has positioned itself as a leader in e-commerce analytics.


Ergode's ambitious AI-based project is geared towards revolutionizing the way product information is generated and optimized. Through cutting-edge technology, it aims to deliver comprehensive product details encompassing criteria analysis, recommendation systems, scoring mechanisms, review analysis, and listing optimization.

Key features and modules:


Criteria analysis and Recommendation: Criteria analysis involves establishing a set of rules to evaluate product data fields such as title, bullet points, description, etc., enabling thorough examination and assessment of product information. On the other hand, recommendations encompass a set of rules to enhance product data fields like title, bullet points, description, etc., suggesting improvements or optimizations to optimize product presentation and performance

Scoring: Scoring based on fulfilled criteria entails assigning a score when predefined criteria are met. This scoring mechanism operates on a data field-wise basis as well as on the overall product evaluation. If the defined criteria are satisfied across various data fields such as title, bullet points, description, etc., scores are allocated accordingly, contributing to an overall assessment of the product's quality or relevance.

Listing Optimization: Listing Optimization provides a comprehensive list of all available products, allowing for analysis based on predefined criteria. When the criteria are satisfied, scores are assigned to each product. This process also involves analyzing top reviews, filtering out the most valuable ones to enhance product listings and improve their visibility and performance.

Reports: tThe main base report which we are using are GET_MERCHANT_LISTINGS_ALL_DATA,GET_BRAND_ANALYTICS_SEARCH_TERMS_REPORT and Catalogue report

About the Client

Founded in 2007, Ergode started as a bookseller on Amazon and has grown into a global e-tailer with offices in Texas, USA, and multiple locations in India. Over the years, Ergode has become a leader in global online sales, leveraging its strategic expertise to support and scale brands in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

What were the challenges faced ?

Ergode encountered hurdles in AI-driven product analysis, marked by inconsistent outcomes and scoring discrepancies. These variations influenced product rankings and sales, posing a significant challenge to maintaining reliability and competitiveness in the e-commerce landscape.

What Solution we provided?

To address these challenges, we utilized various APIs and conducted extensive research and development. We implemented a solution that provided robust product details and recommendations, ensuring that updates to product details on Amazon led to improved product ranking and increased sales.

Final Results

By committing to defined goals and objectives within established timelines, we successfully delivered the project with AI-driven product analysis solution that can transform e-commerce, enhancing product visibility and sales for their clients.

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