Empowering Amazon Sellers with Real-Time Insights

Empowering Amazon Sellers with Real-Time Insights - The Beezboard Solution

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Highlights of the Project

1. Dynamic Profit and Loss Statement: Tailored to specific marketplaces, providing real-time insights into financial performance.

2. Real-Time Data Update with SQS: Ensured faster data updates, facilitating real-time updates on order activities.

3. Enhanced Sales Management: Improved analysis and decision-making with comprehensive, real-time data.

4. Improved Financial Insights: Accurate P&L statements enabled better forecasting and decision-making.

5. Operational Efficiency: Timely updates and responsiveness to market changes ensured by SQS integration.


Beezboard provides Amazon sellers with a comprehensive suite of tools to monitor sales performance, manage costs, and optimise inventory. Designed to address the challenges of the competitive marketplace, Beezboard empowers sellers with robust capabilities and actionable insights.

Key features and modules:


Dashboard: The system provides sales data for various date ranges, including Today, Yesterday, the Last 7 Days, and the Last 30 Days, with comparison data between the current and previous periods displayed on cards. A Business Performance Graph presents different KPIs such as Advertising Spend, Amazon Fees, COGS, General Costs, Net Margin, Organic Sales, Organic Units Sold, PPC Sales, PPC Units Cost, Promotions, Refund Cost, and ROI. This graph can be customised to display data for all products or specific selected products. Additionally, sales and refund analyses are performed concurrently based on the chosen date range, ensuring comprehensive performance insights.

Costs: ASIN mapping is conducted using product data sourced from the fba_all_listing report, with subsequent mapping of COGS to specific products within this dataset. The system supports multiple product selection for COGS assignment, allowing for the addition of new costs based on a user-defined frequency, either Monthly or Annually. This functionality ensures precise cost management and accurate profit calculations by enabling dynamic and periodic cost updates.

P&L Statement: Fetches financial data from amazon finance_api and Amazon for transparent fee management. All the total fees and expenses are taken here from different other reports like fba_storage_fees, fba_estimated_fees, etc.. Data to be displayed for all the custom date ranges starting from the current date going back till the 18 months back data as per provided by Amazon.

Sales Analytics: The module displays a graphical representation of current and previous year sales, facilitating year-over-year comparison. It identifies top-selling SKUs based on units sold. Performance metrics showcase monthly business growth, evaluating parameters such as units sold, order volume, and revenue. This analysis aids in visualising sales trends and pinpointing key performance indicators.

Orders: Display order data retrieved from Amazon SP API Reports, specifically fba_all_order_report_data, for both Amazon and Non-Amazon channels. Implement filtering capabilities to differentiate and view order statuses, such as pending or shipped, to facilitate comprehensive order management and analysis.

About the Client

Recognizing the challenges faced by Amazon sellers in managing finances, tracking sales, and optimising inventory, the client transitioned into consulting, leveraging their expertise to assist other sellers. Motivated by firsthand experiences, they aimed to fill the market gap with Beezboard.

What were the challenges faced ?

Beezboard encountered several primary challenges, including the need for real-time data updates and instant reflection of new fees applicable to sellers.

What Solution we provided?

To overcome these challenges, Beezboard implemented the following solutions:

Dynamic Profit and Loss Statement:

A dynamic P&L statement tailored to specific marketplaces provided real-time insights into sellers' financial performance.

Real-Time Data Update with SQS:

Utilising Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Beezboard ensured faster data updates, facilitating real-time updates on order activities such as fee changes and sales.

Final Results

The implementation of these solutions resulted in significant improvements:

Enhanced Sales Management:

Sellers experienced improved sales management and analysis, aided by real-time updates and comprehensive data.Improved Financial Insights: Real-time dynamic P&L statements provided accurate insights into financial performance, enabling better decision-making and forecasting.Operational Efficiency: The use of SQS for real-time data processing improved operational efficiency, ensuring timely updates and responsiveness to market changes.

Beezboard's solution exemplifies how real-time insights and dynamic tools can empower Amazon sellers to navigate challenges and achieve success in a competitive marketplace.

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