About Cheddy:

  • Cheddy’s software focused on stock management as there were Kits, Multi packs and single pack ASINs in amazon and warehouse had components. This mapping was quite difficult and ready available softwares was missing a lot of features.
  • Cheddy streamlines many supply chains focused processes that include improving manufacturing, warehouse inventory accuracy, and asset tracking. It allows users to integrate with Amazon and more. It works with operations of all sizes looking to optimize their warehouse administration and solve inventory specific issues.
  • It automates many manufacturing and inventory management issues to optimize strategic portions of the supply chain better. It focuses on streamlining processes and saving time across the board.
  • It also has key features such as:
  • Cheddy gathers the data of ordering and delivery and studies them to find trends and plan for future operations.
  • Shipping support
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi-location support
  • Multiple currencies
  • Part tracking capabilities
  • Manufacturing tools

Client Story:

  • In addition to common website solutions, the client wanted us to add more features to the website and make it more valuable for customers.
  • The client wanted to make a warehouse management system for customers which are easy to use and have enough features.


  • The main challenge was before starting with the designing and development process, it was important for us to understand the Cheddy and its core functions properly.
  • Secondly, we have to brainstorm a lot of different and unique features of the same.


  • We talked to the client to identify their expectations from the on-demand web application. Our web development team held a conversation to understand what exactly the client wanted to have in Cheddy.
  • After taking inputs from the client, we appointed a team of experienced developers to develop a complete on-demand web solution. To ensure that the app works well on every device.
  • We also provided the client with a well-designed landing page. We ensure that the website gets flexibility in order to make it easy-to-use for customers


  • In the end, we developed a complete and fully-functional on-demand app solution that meets the client's requirements.
  • By using Cheddy the warehouse managing became a lot easier for the customers.



What We Did


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