Customized Inventory Management Software- Cheddy

Cheddy is a customized inventory management web application developed by Ecomsellertool. It is mainly focused on stock management as there were kits, multi-packs, and single pack ASINs in Amazon and the warehouse had components.

To manage and differentiate components on the basis of vendor SKU and linking them to ASINs was becoming a menace and the ready-made inventory management software wasn’t helping the client either. So they approached us to make customized software to handle all operations.

Cheddy helps to streamline various supply chains like manufacturing, asset tracking, and inventory management. It helps users to integrate with Amazon and work with all types of operations and solve inventory issues.

Client Story:

The client wanted us to add more features to their web app and make it more valuable for their customers.

There was a requirement for a warehouse management system that would be easy to use and have enough features.

The client was unable to manage vendor SKU, component cost history, replenishment calculations, virtual stock, purchase order, and sales altogether.


The main challenge that we, Ecomsellertool as a team faced was to understand Cheddy and its core functions properly.

Another challenge was to brainstorm a lot of different ideas to add new features to the web application.


Ecomsellertool developed a customized inventory management web application, Cheddy, that helps the user in the following processes:

  • Adding Vendor SKU (components) to ASIN
  • Link various components to ASIN
  • To manage the component cost history
  • Keep a check and maintain the tally of units sold per day and per month
  • To make replenishment calculations by considering sales velocity across marketplaces and stockout days deductions
  • To generate a purchase order(PO), keep track of virtual stock, calculate lead time forecast, and sales before the next PO arrival
  • To generate automatic purchase order (PO) from ASIN and convert it in terms of component quantity or vendor SKU
  • To calculate the history and quantity of Total Inventory, Available Stock, Reserved Stock, Customer Order, FC transfer, FC processing, Fulfilled products, Unfulfilled products, Sales stockouts, and many more


The client became delighted by the services provided to them. We developed a fully functional on-demand app solution that met with client’s expectations.

Inventory and Warehouse Management got easier for our client after Cheddy. They didn’t have to check and worry about their stock getting over or products getting misplaced. The whole process of inventory management got automated with the help of Cheddy. The menace of managing various SKUs and their ASINS was solved by Ecomsellertool.

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