Revolutionizing Book Preparation for Amazon Sellers

EzBookPrep: Revolutionizing Book Preparation for Amazon Sellers

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Highlights of the Project

1. Comprehensive Functionality: Integrates sales analytics, VAT calculation, competitor research, and more into a single platform.

2. Data Accuracy: Maintains high data quality by comparing and validating against Amazon's dataset.

3. AI-Powered Repricing: Implements customized rules for efficient and dynamic repricing strategies.

4. VAT Management: Handles the complexities of VAT calculation across different marketplaces seamlessly.

5. User-Centric Design: Developed by Amazon sellers with firsthand experience, ensuring the tool addresses the real needs of users.


Asinwiser stands as a groundbreaking Amazon tool, meticulously crafted to streamline the complexities of selling on the platform. It offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities, including sales analytics, VAT calculation, competitor research, profitability calculator and more, addressing the multifaceted challenges encountered by Amazon sellers.


Sales Analytics Overview: This offers real-time tracking of sales across from Amazon ensuring users stay updated on their sales performance. It generates detailed sales reports that highlight trends, peak sales periods, and key performance metrics. Additionally, it provides historical data analysis, enabling users to analyze past sales data to forecast future trends and make informed decisions.That also provided the detail of top performing products based on aSIN, Brand,SKU and category.

Inventory Management: The Inventory Module of AsinWiser offers comprehensive features for effective inventory management. It includes replenishment functionality for accurate forecasting, along with detailed monthly forecast breakdowns. Users can easily create purchase orders within the platform, streamlining procurement processes. Furthermore, the module provides detailed reports for various inventory types, such as in-stock, inbound, aging, out of stock, and reserved items, empowering sellers to make informed decisions and optimize their inventory strategies efficiently.

Product Research: The Product Research Module of AsinWiser offers a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance sales strategies. Users can conduct detailed analyses based on selected categories and brands, refining searches with advanced filters like ranking, price range, and seller count. Moreover, the module provides crucial data fields for products within a customizable date range, including sales rank, reviews, inventory count, and buy box status. Seamlessly transitioning to functions like the Amazon profitability calculator, competition research, and wholesale supplier directory, users can access all relevant information in one centralized platform.

Reprising: The Repricing Module within AsinWiser enables sellers to craft dynamic pricing strategies with precision and ease. With the ability to define multiple rules, including advanced scenarios and exclusions, sellers can tailor pricing strategies to suit their specific needs. Leveraging AI technology, the module continuously monitors competitor data and market trends, swiftly updating prices according to predefined rules.

Inventory Module: Offers real-time data on in-stock and out-of-stock quantities. It also provides inventory forecasts based on past data and current stock levels, which can further be customised by adjusting the Vendor Lead Time and the Outbound Lead Time along with the Days Of Stock and calculating the sales velocity to predict the future stock needs. It helps in knowing the Forecast Suggested quantities that need to be Replenished in order to remain always in-stock. It also includes the functionality of sending Email Alert when the quantities are going out of stock.

Reports: Provides a comprehensive set of reports that can be analyzed and exported. This includes various Amazon SP API GET_FLAT_FILE_ALL_ORDERS_DATA_BY_ORDER_DATE_GENERAL,GET_FBA_FULFILLMENT_REMOVAL_ORDER_DETAIL_DATA,GET_LEDGER_DETAIL_VIEW_DATA,GET_FBA_FULFILLMENT_CUSTOMER_RETURNS_DATA,GET_FBA_REIMBURSEMENTS_DATA etc along with the finance API , offer APIĀ 

About the Client

Driven by a collective vision to revolutionize Amazon selling, Asinwiser was conceived by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with diverse expertise in Amazon selling, software delivery, property management, and pharmaceuticals. Frustrated by the inadequacies of existing tools, they embarked on a mission to create a holistic solution tailored to the intricate needs of Amazon sellers.

What were the challenges faced ?

The development of Asinwiser faced significant hurdles, including the creation of robust Amazon account analytics to serve diverse users, ensuring data accuracy amidst Amazon's vast dataset, defining customized rules for reimbursement and AI repricing based on product performance, and addressing intricate VAT calculation variations across different marketplaces.

What Solution we provided?

We have tackled these challenges through a rigorous process, leveraging advanced APIs to harness Amazon's data for comprehensive analytics and precise calculations. we invested significant time and resources in extensive research and development to ensure the solution's robustness and effectiveness. Collaborating closely with domain experts in VAT, repricing, and reimbursement, they refined and optimized the solution to maximize its efficacy.

Final Results

The successful delivery of the project underscores our unwavering commitment to achieving defined goals and objectives within established timelines. AsinWiser stands out as an AI-powered Amazon tool meticulously designed and built by Amazon sellers for Amazon resellers. Tailored specifically for small to medium sellers, the tool provides invaluable insights into the Amazon ecosystem by leveraging data, empowering users with actionable information to thrive in the competitive marketplace.

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