Ecomsherpa is a reliable and dependable tool for Amazon FBA warehouse and local warehouse too. By means of this state of the art tool, you are to carry out the right management of your orders, stock, top losing products, profit analysis, top-earning products, and many others.

Client Story

Ecomsherpa utilized various kinds of tools in doing the organization and running. On the other hand, none of these tools provided them real and true in-depth analysis over gain, top-selling as well as top losing items. Also, there are lots of parameters that were missing for the management of purchase order, the analysis of gain, and a whole lot more.

The Challenges

Ecomsherpa makes use of many programs which were developed on excel. These multiple programs were old and outdated conventional methods. Our client didn't want to depend wholly on the program and wished to utilize excel sheets everywhere. Also, our client wanted a real-time dashboard that allows for updating the information fast and in real-time.

The Solution

Our team have made every page of the program do extremely well and make it excel compatible and is able to export and import excel files. The solution we have was very flexible and standalone as well. It can get information from eBay, Amazon, and other renowned marketplaces.

The Results

We come up with the best product with 100 percent customer satisfaction. The product is more efficient as well as very useful for our clients.




What We Did