Customized Warehouse Management System- Ecomsherpa

Ecomsherpa is a Warehouse Management System for Amazon FBA Warehouse and local warehouses too. It is used to manage orders, stock, products, top losing products, inventory, top selling products, and much more.

The client approached us to make a customized warehouse stock management software that will help them to manage components, vendor SKU (VSKU), warehouse inventory, amazon inventory,and purchase orders.

Client Story:

Our client wanted a custom warehouse stock control software that would help them in organizing and tracking their orders and inventory. They needed software to manage their inventory,ASINs, orders,purchase orders, and to analyze the top selling and top losing products.


The main challenge that Ecomsellertool as a team faced was to rebuild the client’s system that was developed on Excel into a fully functional warehouse management system. To make a real-time dashboard that would integrate the information along with excel sheets was a difficult task.

Our team did a lot of brainstorming and finally developed a software that manages stock, utilizes excel sheets, finds the top selling item, manages ASINs, and much more.


Ecomsellertool developed a warehouse management system,Ecomsherpa, that helps the user in the following processes:

  • Managing orders, stocks, transactions from a single dashboard
  • Importing and Exporting Excel sheets to analyze and update the information in real-time
  • Managing vendors, vendor SKU(VSKU),components, ASINs, and components
  • Calculating Overhead costs and amazon fees automatically
  • Managing purchase order (PO), replenishment quantity, and labor
  • Managing warehouse inventory and amazon inventory
  • Analyzing product performance to find out which product is top selling and top losing among others
  • Managing C.O.G’s and analyzing sales velocity based on various factors
  • Managing FBA Return Report, Inventory Report, Transaction Report, and All FBA Listing Report.


The client became happy with the services provided by Ecomsellertool. We developed a fully functional Warehouse Management System that met with client’s expectations.

Managing the vendors, products, transactions, vendor SKUs, ASINs, and many more became easier because of the warehouse stock management software. The client’s work becomes easier as they get to update the information in real time without any hassle and export it for their analysis.

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