Execuseller: Streamlining FBA Reimbursement Solutions

Streamlining FBA Reimbursement Solutions

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Highlights of the Project

1. Real-time Data Accuracy: Utilized backend extensions for live data capture and real-time accuracy.

2. Comprehensive Coverage: Included diverse reimbursement scenarios for complete coverage.

3. Actionable Insights: Provided detailed financial summaries and insights, improving seller profitability and efficiency.

4. Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlined reimbursement processes, reducing manual efforts and errors.


Execuseller's project is a comprehensive reimbursement management system. It covers various types of reimbursements and the necessary events for processing them. Key modules include a Dashboard for overall reimbursement data, a Reimbursement Detail module for specific types and details, and a Monthly Reports and Invoices module for generating detailed financial summaries and invoices.

Key features and modules:


Dashboard: The Dashboard provides an overview of all reimbursement activities, displaying key metrics, notifications, and search/filter options. It shows the reimbursement type and amount for each category, offering a clear and concise summary of the financial landscape. This centralized view helps users quickly assess the status and impact of their reimbursements.

Reimbursement Details: The Reimbursement Detail module is a comprehensive tool designed to handle various reimbursement types, ensuring thorough coverage of all reimbursable events. Here are the different types of reimbursements included in the module:

Lost Warehouse: Reimbursements for items lost within the warehouse.

Damaged Warehouse: Compensation for items damaged while stored in the warehouse.

Disposed Warehouse: Reimbursements for items disposed of without proper authorization.

Lost Inbound: Compensation for items lost during inbound shipment to the warehouse.

Lost Outbound: Reimbursements for items lost during outbound shipment to customers.

FBA Fees: Refunds for overcharged FBA fees, such as weight and size discrepancies.

Damaged Return: Compensation for items returned by customers in a damaged condition.

Wrong FNSKU: Reimbursements for items with incorrect FNSKU labels.

Order Discrepancies: Compensation for discrepancies between orders and actual shipments.

This module not only covers all reimbursable events but also provides details on events that are not eligible for reimbursement. It utilizes an extension to check data in real-time using the Online View report, ensuring prompt identification of all relevant events. Additionally, the module includes potential pricing details for the reimbursable amounts, offering valuable insights into the financial implications of each reimbursement type.

Reports: The main base report which we are using are as below having the data export functionality too.


About the Client

Execuseller began as an in-house initiative to reduce commission fees for a Top 100 Amazon Seller grossing over $100M. Following the successful implementation of their processes, they expanded their services to manage reimbursements for other sellers. Today, they provide pain-free FBA Reimbursement Solutions, ensuring quick and efficient refunds for sellers worldwide.

What were the challenges faced ?

Execuseller faced several challenges in developing their reimbursement management system. These included covering 10-12 diverse reimbursement scenarios, each with unique requirements, addressing discrepancies in data matching to ensure accuracy, and dealing with a lack of direct links between some data and reports. This necessitated real-time verification on seller accounts to ensure completeness and correctness.

What Solution we provided?

To address these challenges, Execuseller employed a multifaceted approach involving detailed research and development. They utilised backend extensions to capture live data directly from seller accounts, ensuring real-time accuracy and efficiency. Additionally, thorough R&D efforts were conducted to refine processes and address discrepancies, ultimately providing a robust and reliable reimbursement management system.

Final Results

Execuseller successfully delivered the project, achieving all defined goals and objectives. Their focus on small to medium sellers provided these clients with valuable insights into reimbursement processes. This actionable information helped improve seller profitability and efficiency, making the reimbursement management system a valuable tool for optimising financial operations.

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