Integrating Omnichannel Retail and Analytics for Improved Insights

Advanced Analytics Platform for Enhanced Retail and E-Commerce Operations

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Highlights of the Project

1. Enhanced Sales Dashboard: Provides a clear and concise summary of sales data, improving decision-making and strategy formulation.

2. Direct-to-Consumer Module: Facilitates direct engagement with customers, boosting brand loyalty and growth.

3. Optimized Amazon Operations: Enhances inventory management, advertising efficiency, and customer feedback handling, leading to increased profitability.

4. Comprehensive Media Analytics: Offers deep insights into media performance, enabling better optimization of marketing efforts.


iDerive is a comprehensive platform designed to enhance retail and e-commerce operations through advanced analytics and insights. The platform leverages deep expertise in various areas to offer significant value to its users:

Key features and modules:


Sales Dashboard: iDerive provides tools and insights to manage and optimize sales across multiple channels, ensuring a seamless customer experience whether they shop online, in-store, or through other mediums. Using GET_FLAT_FILE_ALL_ORDERS_DATA_BY_LAST_UPDATE_GENERAL report to fetch data from Amazon.

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC): The platform helps brands connect directly with their customers, bypassing traditional retail channels. This includes strategies for customer engagement, retention, and growth.

Amazon Operations: iDerive specializes in optimizing Amazon storefronts and operations. Our services encompass inventory management(fba_manage_inventory, fba_order_report) , advertising(spCampaigns), and customer reviews, all aimed at maximizing sales and profitability on the platform. By refining these key areas, we help businesses enhance their performance and achieve greater success on Amazon. iDerive specializes in optimizing Amazon storefronts and operations, including aspects like inventory management, advertising, and customer reviews, to maximize sales and profitability on the platform.

Media Management Analytics: The platform offers comprehensive analytics on media performance, enabling businesses to gauge the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing campaigns across multiple media channels. By leveraging advanced metrics and insights, businesses can optimize their strategies to achieve better engagement and higher returns on investment. in-depth analytics on media performance, helping businesses understand the impact of their advertising and marketing efforts across various media channels.

About the Client

Jason's vision is to merge insider expertise and robust marketplace software to drive sustainable incremental growth for major brands across Amazon and beyond.

What were the challenges faced ?

Client wanted to build an enhanced version of the existing dashboard into a native platform built with React and python integrating with Amazon SP API and Advertising API.

What Solution we provided?

Developing specialized dashboards and analytics overviews tailored to specific needs was a smart approach to tackle challenges effectively. Integrating Amazon APIs and utilizing scraping techniques to gather Amazon data for comparison was a resourceful way to enrich the analytics capabilities.  

Final Results

The successful project delivery underscores our commitment to meeting goals within defined timelines. With proper planning and our analytic power helped us flawlessly. End-users seamlessly embraced the platform, affirming its effectiveness in meeting their needs. Our achievement reflects our team's collective effort and expertise, driving positive outcomes and client satisfaction. 

This case study highlights our strategic approach and technical expertise in developing MarketForce, a comprehensive platform that significantly enhances the efficiency of managing Amazon and non-Amazon catalog data. 

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