Empowering Sales Growth on Amazon and Walmart

Empowering sales growth on Amzon and Walmart

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Highlights of the Project

1. Real-Time Campaign Analytics: Providing immediate insights into campaign performance.

2. Automated Rule Management: Allowing for dynamic adjustments based on predefined criteria.

3. Effective Campaign Management: Enabling the creation and optimization of advertising campaigns.

4. Reliable Data Updates: Implementing a logging system for accurate and timely data synchronization.

5. Client Satisfaction: Achieving high praise for the Dashboard’s robustness and innovative features.


IVCSR (Innovative Digital Sales) is a comprehensive project designed to enhance sales and performance on two of the largest e-commerce platforms, Amazon and Walmart. This project caters to a wide range of users by offering tailored functionalities that streamline various aspects of digital sales management. By consolidating all sales and advertisement data into a single interface, IVCSR ensures that users can easily review and analyze data. The system supports parallel processing and offers real-time data updates in several modules.

IVCSR Key features and modules:


Analytics Overview: This module in offers comprehensive insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, and return on investment (ROI). Users can create personalized dashboards to monitor the metrics most relevant to their goals, ensuring they have a clear view of their performance. Additionally, the module includes a variety of charts, graphs, and heatmaps to effectively visualize sales data and performance metrics, making it easier to understand trends and make informed decisions.

Sale Data Management: his offers real-time tracking of sales across both Amazon and Walmart platforms, ensuring users stay updated on their sales performance. It generates detailed sales reports that highlight trends, peak sales periods, and key performance metrics. Additionally, it provides historical data analysis, enabling users to analyze past sales data to forecast future trends and make informed decisions.

Inventory Management: This will tracks inventory levels in real-time, alerting users to low stock situations. It automates reordering based on predefined criteria and sales forecasts, and integrates with warehouse management systems to streamline logistics and inventory control.

Collection of Reports: Provides a comprehensive set of reports that can be analysed and exported. This includes various Amazon SP API reports like fba_order_report, fba_manage_inventory, catalog_api, etc

Order Management: It handles the entire order lifecycle from placement to fulfillment. It manages order processing, shipping, and delivery tracking, ensuring smooth operations from order acknowledgment to shipment. Additionally, it includes functionalities for handling returns and cancellations, providing comprehensive support for order management and customer satisfaction.This module inclused API like Ship Order Lines, Refund Order Lines, Cancel Order Lines, Acknowledge Orders , All orders.

Advertisement and Campaign management: Manages advertising campaigns across Amazon and Walmart, including sponsored products, display ads, and video ads. It utilizes advanced targeting options to reach specific customer segments based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Additionally, it offers creative tools for creating and optimizing campaign creation, ensuring they are engaging and effective. Reports we have used for this module is adGroup, adItem, brand, category, keyword, outOfBudgetRecommendations, pageType, platform, placement,attributedPurchases,searchImpression,videoCampaigns, videoKeywords.We have also use some of the required API with the reference of https://developer.walmart.com/doc/us/us-wmc-ads/us-wmc-ads-campaigns/

Item Activity feed: The Walmart-specific module within IVCSR provides comprehensive tools for managing items on the platform. Users can create new items and update existing ones, including adding variants and swatches, overriding SKU or product IDs, and updating prices and inventory. Additionally, the module facilitates item deletion or retirement, ensuring seamless management of product listings on Walmart.That includes various APIS liek for Bulk Item set up (MP_ITEM) ,Retire an item API, Update a price, All feed statuses or Feed item status.Reference document we have referred is https://developer.walmart.com/doc/us/mp/us-mp-items

About the Client

VCSR- Innovative Sales Group specializes in fostering strategic partnerships between manufacturers and key retail and e-commerce accounts in the United States, focusing on growth and profitability through innovation and strategic partnerships.

What were the challenges faced ?

Our client sought comprehensive Amazon and Walmart account data analytics for multiple users, necessitating a robust system capable of comparing data quality across both platforms. However, managing Walmart's specific modules posed significant challenges. Main challenge was to develop a solution that seamlessly integrated with both e-commerce giants while efficiently managing and analyzing data across multiple users and platforms.

What Solution we provided?

To address the client's requirements, we employed various APIs and conducted extensive research and development. Utilizing APIs enabled seamless integration with Amazon and Walmart platforms, facilitating data aggregation and analysis. Live testing was instrumental in ensuring the system's effectiveness, with a focus on managing Walmart's unique features. Through rigorous testing and refinement, we developed a robust solution capable of delivering comprehensive account data analytics for multiple users while efficiently navigating the complexities of Walmart's specific modules.

Final Results

The successful delivery of IVCSR underscores our commitment to achieving goals within set timelines. Our recognition as a full-service provider for Walmart advertisement and Marketplace reaffirms our expertise in meeting end-users' needs seamlessly. IVCSR reflects our team's dedication and expertise, driving positive outcomes for our clients.

IVCSR serves as a testament to the transformative power of tailored platforms in fostering e-commerce growth on Amazon and Walmart. By addressing challenges and leveraging strategic partnerships, we've delivered innovative solutions that drive success for businesses operating in the digital marketplace.

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