Elevating Sales Analytics for Gift-Giving

Strategic Sales Insights, Analytics, and Goal Setting Suite: Empowering Growth through Data-Driven Sales Strategies and Advertising Excellence

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Highlights of the Project

1. Comprehensive Analytics: Detailed insights into sales performance and advertising effectiveness.

2. User-Friendly Interface: Interactive charts and customizable views enhance user experience.

3. Informed Decision-Making: Data segmentation allows for strategic analysis and goal setting.

4. Business Growth: Empowered Lavley to optimize sales strategies and drive growth in the gift-giving market.


Lavley is a multi-entrant web application designed to seamlessly integrate with the Amazon interface, facilitating connectivity between sellers and the analytics panel. Through this platform, sellers gain access to robust tools and insights, create their goals for future sale of products comprehensively and optimise their performance. Lavley empowers sellers to make informed decisions based on detailed analytics, thereby enhancing their sales strategies and driving business growth. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Lavley offers a seamless experience for sellers seeking to maximise their presence and profitability on Amazon. By leveraging the analytical capabilities of Lavley, sellers can unlock new opportunities and achieve greater success in the competitive online marketplace


Insights: is a module that shows the data of the sales overview and for fetching the sales various reports and parameters are taken in consideration. For featuring sales overview data reports used are - fba_all_merchant_listing report to get the product catalog belonging to that seller account, fba_manage_inventory report to get the real time inventory of the products, taking advertisement data from Amazon advertising reports for exact cost and profit obtained out of reducing all the cost/expenses.

Goals: are an important factor for any business so this module allows to set the sales goals based on the previous period sales done. Set the goal based on the Brand and Product Type by considering the following metrics - units sold, gross revenue obtained, net profit and net margin.

Sales Analytics: gathers the data from the Amazon SP and Advertising API like catalog_api, sp_advertisedproduct, finance_api, order reports. Analytics is done based on the parameters like brand-wise-analytics, variation(asin)-wise-analytics, year-wise-analytics, quarter-wise-analytics, month-wise-analytics, week-wise-analytics.

Advertising Summary: summarises the overall Advertising data that has been gathered from the Amazon Advertising Reports and based on the reports data the value of the ACOS and ROAS is calculated.

Mapping: the data of the product and the COGS to be added manually from this module for an accurate Profit calculation, also manages the history of the cost that has been changed since the day the product is listed on Amazon.

About the Client

Lavley, based in colourful Colorado, specialises in fun and practical gifts, driven by the ideology of understanding the recipient's preferences. They sought a comprehensive sales analytics solution featuring sales breakdowns, trend analysis, and advertising summaries. Lavley embodies the spirit of creative gift-giving, aiming to resonate with recipients on a personal level and for analysing the data they wanted an application that analyses the Amazon market.

What were the challenges faced ?

The client required a significant challenge, as they sought detailed sales breakdowns comparable to the intricate analysis found in reference applications. They provide detailed sales breakdowns similar to reference applications they shared with us and they wanted us to deliver the same.

What Solution we provided?

To overcome the challenge of providing detailed sales breakdowns similar to the reference applications shared by the client, we implemented a strategic approach that involved several key steps: Comprehensive Data Gathering: We conducted thorough research to identify all relevant reports and datasets needed to replicate the detailed breakdowns. Collaborative Data Analysis: Our team collaborated closely to analyse and interpret the collected data effectively. Advanced Data Integration: Leveraging advanced data integration tools and techniques, we seamlessly merged and consolidated disparate datasets from multiple sources. This ensured that the final breakdowns were comprehensive and cohesive, providing a view of the sales landscape.

Final Results

The solution provided Lavley with clear insights into sales performance, enabling trend identification and informed decision-making. The interactive interface enhanced user experience, empowering Lavley to optimise sales strategies and drive growth.

Lavley's journey exemplifies how tailored sales analytics solutions can empower businesses to understand their performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions, ultimately driving growth and profitability in the gift-giving market.

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