Customized Solution For Third Party Logistics (3PL) Amazon FBA Prep Center- Little Owl

Little Owl is a third-party logistics(3PL) FBA Prep Center. This company manages logistics for all types of products on Amazon, Walmart, and other warehouses. They provide prep services to their customers at lower rates, so that their customers could focus on building businesses.

We made a custom software to manage their Amazon Prep business for them and they found it very useful and handy.

Client Story:

Our client wanted a custom amazon 3PL prep center management software that would help them to manage their sellers and customers simultaneously. They wanted the software to keep track of their inventory, listings, and discrepancies if any.

We, at Ecomsellertool, helped them by developing a customized Amazon FBA Prep Center management tool that would help them to fulfill their purpose.


We faced some difficulties while developing this app as the app had to be used by both sides, admin and client. But, with our grit and problem-solving ability, we finally made this app and it made the client happy.

We created the best solution for a third-party Amazon prep center with the help of which they can help their clients manage listings and inbound shipments.


Ecomsellertool developed custom software for Amazon 3PL (third-party logistics) Prep Center by brainstorming all the possibilities. We have created software that helps the user in the following processes:

  • Viewing all listings, return items, and the items in transit in Dashboard
  • Managing the Amazon listing from the software
  • Keeping track of the Amazon Inventory
  • Tracking Inbound Shipments
  • Adding Sellers from the Admin side and managing them
  • Keeping a checklist for product compliance for FBA
  • Adding Shipments, returns, and listings from the customer side
  • Selecting supply service, listing items’ details like price and quantity, and generating FNSKU for customers


The custom Amazon prep center management software that we made for Little Owl has helped them massively by automating all the tasks that were to be done manually. It helped them in generating FNSKU, listing item details, managing customers, adding sellers, adding shipments, returns, amazon listing, and tracking amazon inventory.

The client thanked us for exceeding their expectations and making such a great customized prep center management tool. They are now generating great revenue by properly managing everything without any hassle. The software helped them to keep track of the missing items that got lost in the transit before and this thing helped them to save a lot of money that was being lost before.

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