Integrated 3PL Management

Streamlined Warehouse Management system: Integrating Amazon, Shopify, and ShipStation

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Highlights of the Project

1. Comprehensive Fulfillment Management: Covers all aspects of the fulfillment process, including item addition, scanning, order fulfillment, shipping, and label generation.

2. Seamless Integration: Utilizes multiple APIs for seamless integration with Amazon, Shopify, ScanPower, and ShipStation.

3. Amazon Inbound Shipment Flow: Fully incorporates Amazon's inbound shipment flow for efficient FBA order handling.

4. Real-Time Synchronization: Ensures real-time synchronization of Shopify orders, enhancing operational efficiency.

5. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Streamlines the entire logistics and fulfillment process, allowing clients to focus on expanding their business.

6. Tax-Free Operations: Benefits from being based in tax-free Oregon, providing cost advantages to clients.


Pacific Prep Services revolutionizes Third-Party Logistics (3PL) with comprehensive warehouse management functionalities. By seamlessly integrating Amazon and Shopify platforms, along with ShipStation functionality, it facilitates customer and vendor management, Amazon inbound shipment flow, inventory management, order receiving, bin location and LP management, analytics report downloading, billing, and return order processing.

Key features and modules:


Analytics Overview: The analytics report provides an overview of the shipment and return activities processed by multiple users over a specified period. It includes the total number of shipments and returns handled by the system, along with a breakdown by user. Additionally, the report details the integration of Shopify order notifications with the system, tracking the number of notifications received, processed, and fulfilled.

Relation: The Relation module within Pacific Prep Services enables users to seamlessly create and manage vendor and customer relationships. Inventory : The Inventory module in Pacific Prep Services handles all inventory linked to a seller's account and enables easy addition of new items. It offers crucial details on total, available, reserved, and quarantined units along with their statuses. Additionally, it includes LP allocation functionality, leveraging the fba_manage_inventory report from Amazon for streamlined inventory management.

Orders: is a centralized hub for efficient warehouse management

It features License Plate Management for organized inventory tracking.License plating links bin locations with inventory, defining their whereabouts. It's a barcode system that assigns a unique License Plate Number (LPN) to group materials or products, simplifying tracking and organization in warehouses.

The shipping flow handles Amazon inbound and non-FBA shipments, including packing, item scanning, and label printing.

The Receiving flow supports item receive and blind receive processes, with the option to directly ship received items.

Billing: The Billing module in Pacific Prep Services serves as a comprehensive repository for all billing-related activities and necessary items. It includes detailed records of transactions and activities relevant to billing, ensuring accuracy and transparency in financial processes. Additionally, users can generate customized reports tailored to their specific needs for thorough review and analysis.

About the Client

Pacific Prep Services operates as a full-service prep and ship company based in Tax-Free Oregon, the only tax-free state on the West Coast. Their mission is to assist clients in streamlining the fulfilment aspect of their businesses, enabling them to dedicate more time to sourcing products and expanding their businesses.

What were the challenges faced ?

The client's requirements involved aggregating and integrating functionalities from various platforms, including mobile apps, ScanPower, and ShipStation. Additionally, the project necessitated the seamless utilization of the complete Amazon inbound shipment flow, alongside the integration and synchronization of Shopify orders.

What Solution we provided?

To overcome these challenges, we harnessed the power of multiple APIs and conducted thorough research and development. Our team crafted a customized page with essential details, incorporating live testing and shipment flow to encompass all vital processes. This included functionalities such as adding items, scanning items, order fulfillment, shipping, and label generation, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation for our client.

Final Results

The successful delivery of Pacific Prep Services has yielded a comprehensive tool capable of managing the entire fulfillment process from order placement to final delivery. This system encompasses a range of functionalities, including adding and scanning items, order fulfillment, shipping, and label generation. Seamlessly handling both FBA orders with Amazon inbound shipment flow and non-FBA orders, including return orders, it ensures smooth operations throughout. Additionally, it facilitates seamless integration between Amazon and Shopify platforms, while also managing billing, bin location, and license plate management, providing a robust solution for our client's logistics needs.

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