Qikflips is a reliable Amazon product sourcing tool that works 24 hours a day and seven days a week to automatically look for possible profitable leads that you can purchase and sell back on Amazon, making a high profit.

Client History

Our client was utilizing many tools to do flips and do the flipping manually. We brainstorm the concept and found out many ways of looking for best and worthy products based on information fetching limits in Amazon MWS api, Keepa as well as Affiliate API.

The Challenges

Our clients want it to be 100% Automation

Clients want to check millions of products daily fast and without stress and wanted it to manage multiple servers and shouldn’t affect Amazon throttling limits

The Solution

Heavy backend Processing that goes through the load to the next server. We discovered many means of acquiring all the informed needed to scan a flip. We also discovered the many easy steps in looking for the flip. Install options for installing diverse criteria for the fast filtering of the leads. One key service linked with many smaller servers for fast and independent processing. Flexible system for instant scaling via leads and change the processing as per the requirements.

The Results

Lots of items are detected, and the superb leads are filtered. Our clients’ users have all the needed information to see. This helps them settle on to source an item and carry out the flipping—the 100% automatic tool that has 1000+ active pleased and contented users.



What We Did