• Filter product according to types and categories
  • Look for the deals through brands, keywords, and title
  • Clients can put the item in their favorites to buy later one
  • It is integrated with a price tracker, which is able to monitor the price and display the descriptive timeline of the value of the item.

Our Client Story:

Our client requested to come up with a website for Amazon deals that can be the accessed directory for the benefit of his client and, at the same time, save time and money. He doesn’t provide full detail about his needs and requirements.

He wanted her site to be presentable and characterized his service so his audiences would know.

He wanted a site that will get the attention of many clients.

What are the Challenges

Prior to starting the web designing, first, we need to know Qiksteals, including its main functions. We assessed the platform, the functions, and then made a specific or detailed technique.

Qiksteals has content that is far different from other websites. It wasn’t just about bringing up its products or services but also about easily explaining the whole process and let the audiences understand how it functions.

Our Solution

Our team concentrates on reducing the load time. We do this by minifying the pictures, suing simple yet efficient themes and customizing CSS and Javascript.

There are many things to do in order to lessen the load time since the majority of the main website content were images.


We created a website intended to help our clients effectively display his work and helped drive more traffic towards his website.

The site also helped our clients save money by buying products or items at low rates. The loading time of the website is faster, thus gains more attention. This surely helps his business become successful.

In general, the client is pleased and contented with the final result.



What We Did