Repriser - Amazon Repricer

Repriser is an amazon repricer software developed by Ecomsellertool that helps in winning Buy Box and selling your products at a higher price by repricing on amazon.

It is used to automate the pricing of your product to make sure it sells at a profit even when there is high competition. You can set reprice rules in it by comparing it to Buy Box or Lowest Price.

Repriser helps the user to set up custom rules and name them according to their convenience. This amazon repricing software helps in comparing prices within the same Marketplaces, ASINs, delivery period, fulfillment period, and much more. It helps in winning price wars and getting featured in Buy Box constantly.

Client Story:

Our client was tired of managing prices constantly to compete with other sellers. It was becoming a cumbersome process for them. They were not able to cope up with their competitors and were losing a lot of business because of the same.

They approached us for making a custom amazon repricing software to handle all these complicated and difficult processes to get ahead of their competition and we did that.


To create a set of rules and integrate them with the Amazon marketplace was a tough task and to build an entire repricing software around it was a difficult job but the team at Ecomsellertool achieved it gracefully

We also faced some hurdle with the concept as we were developing the custom solution for an Amazon repricer along with some new features that nobody had in the market.


Ecomsellertool developed a custom Amazon Repricing Tool based on the inputs given by the client and by applying our logic. We have created a software that helps the user in following processes:

  • The Amazon Repricer can help the user to set reprice rule by either comparing it with Buy Box or lowest price
  • To use Action Option and stay below a specific price or match a specific price or even stay above a specific price to earn maximum margins
  • To set up a rule comparison between all offers for same marketplace or same ASIN
  • To set up a rule comparison between all offers with same fulfillment method
  • To set up a reprice rule by ignoring Amazon
  • To set an automatic reprice rule to raise prices when you are already in optimum position
  • To match the product price that is above ours and recapture the buy box
  • To understand competitor behaviour and set optimal prices so that you can be profitable
  • By providing rule name and applying it to SKU/ASIN individually or in bulk
  • Repriser will fetch the notification of offer change and will change conditions and reprices accordingly to sell more
  • It helps the user to understand the trends by keeping logs for future optimizations
  • By applying seasonal based reprices to take maximum profit
  • By offering flexible strategies so that the you can tweak the rule or strategy to maximize profit


The client got pumped up by looking at the customized amazon repricing solution offered by us and thanked us for making their work easier.

We took the client feedback after some time and they said that the Amazon repricer worked like a charm for them and now they are earning a lot more than they thought with a much less amount of effort, all thanks to Ecomsellertool.

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