Revolutionizing Wholesale and eCommerce Analytics

Revolutionising the Wholesale and eCommerce Analytics

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Highlights of the Project

1. Real-Time Data Integration: Ensured immediate updates for accurate financial insights.

2. High-Performance Processing: Managed multiple data updates concurrently without system degradation.

3. Robust Error Handling: Comprehensive mechanisms to manage data fetching or processing failures effectively.

4. Operational Efficiency: Improved efficiency and financial management through real-time data updates.

5. Increased Revenue: Informed decision-making led to higher revenue and profitability.


Selini, an innovative application, offers comprehensive analytics including Dashboard, Sales Analytics for Amazon Fulfilled and Merchant Fulfilled products, Advertising Analytics, and Shipment Data Analytics and Export. It follows the single user system with the data fetching in regular intervals like order report to be fetched on every day of the last 7 days and then again updating whole month data at the end of every month.


Dashboard: provides sales and product data overview, highlighting top-selling products which are formulated using different criterias like the amount of profit has been made from a product minus the amount of costing has been done for this product. Get the detailed data like - Units, Revenue, Total Profit, Total COGS, FBA Handling Fees, FBA Referral Fees, FBM Shipping Fees, Total Gross Margin, Margin Bef. Ad Cost, Total Cost Ads, Table showing the Top Selling Items making maximum number of Sales.

Sales Analytics: offers insights into Amazon (fba-fulfilled by amazon) and Non-Amazon (fbm-fulfilled by merchant) product sales. Considering all the parameters and reports data analytics of the sales is done with the help of data retrieved from the Amazon SP API reports. TOTAL SALES, AVG COGS PER UNIT, TOTAL COGS, HANDLING FEES, REFERRAL FEES, SHIPPING FEES, TOTAL GROSS MARGIN, MARGIN BEFORE ADS COST, TOTAL COST OF ADS, NET PROFIT, RETURN REVENUE

Advertising Analytics: Overview of sales and costs associated with advertising based on the category in which the product belongs, Brand and Sales channel wise data is fetched from the Sponsored Products along with the metrics data like Ad Sales Data, Conversion Data, etc..

Advertising Summary: summarises the overall Advertising data that has been gathered from the Amazon Advertising Reports and based on the reports data the value of the ACOS and ROAS is calculated.

Shipment Data Analytics and Export: sAnalyses shipment data and facilitates exporting. Featuring the import of the shipment data and filtering with the Amazon Order ID (fetched from the fba_order_report) and Shipment Order ID (fetched from the fba_shipment_api).

About the Client

Selini is a business-to-business wholesale and eCommerce company dedicated to delivering high-quality products at competitive prices, specialising in menswear and accessories. Their product range includes silk woven ties, gift box sets, ties for boys, and fashionable items for women.

What were the challenges faced ?

The client required a robust system capable of real-time data synchronisation with Amazon's platform to ensure immediate finance data updates. This demanded advanced data-fetching algorithms to minimise latency and provide accurate financial insights.

What Solution we provided?

To meet the client's needs, the following solutions were implemented:

Real-Time Data Integration: Ensured immediate updates with minimal delay, reducing discrepancies between Amazon data and the client's system. High-Performance Data Processing: Implemented asynchronous processing to manage multiple data updates concurrently without system performance degradation. Robust Error Handling and Data Validation: Implemented comprehensive error handling mechanisms, including retry logic and alerting systems, to manage data fetching or processing failures effectively.

Final Results

Implementing the solutions led to significant outcomes:

Real-time updated data delivery improved operational efficiency and financial management. Higher client satisfaction resulted from accurate and timely insights. Increased revenue and profitability stemmed from informed decision-making based on up-to-date analytics.

Selini's journey illustrates how innovative analytics solutions can empower wholesale and eCommerce businesses, enhancing operational efficiency, financial management, and overall profitability through real-time insights and data synchronisation with online platforms like Amazon.

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