Seller Edge

About Sellers Edge:

  • Sellers edge is a product sourcing tool to do amazon to amazon flips. It can automatically detect top selling items and percentage difference in prime and non prime items so sellers can buy items at low non prime price and sell at prime price.

Client Story:

  • Client was doing this amazon to amazon (buy at non prime and sell at prime) manually.
  • We discussed this process and we provided suggestions to client to do it automatic and include all data points to detect if the lead is a good buy or not.


  • It is 100% automated tool. So for any unconventional situation the system should detect and start the process again and create a error log for the developer to solve the issue
  • There are throttling limits in amazon and tokens limit in keepa so we and we had to apply several filters to the lead to make it worth showing to the panel. So we had to optimie the code that it could get more leads without affecting the throttling limits.


  • We created an automatic way to figure out the top selling items and updated it daily.
  • Data for the asin will be pulled and checked through different filters set by admin and once the lead passes all criteria it will be then added to the list automatically.
  • Users have all the data points to see of the particular lead where they can define if the product is a good buy or not.


  • Complete sourcing solution for the client and user.
  • Tool processes more than 100K asins per day in each category and provides 3000+ leads each day.



What We Did