Silicon Valley Commerce


Silicon Valley Commerce or SVC is The Tech Powered Amazon Retailer. This app offers an integrated solution from optimization, listing automation, repricing as well as helps Amazon sellers to grow their sales. It instantly adjusts pricings and pricing techniques to make the most of the profit and revenue as well.

SVC is a smart tool that knows when a move will provide the seller a benefit without having a bidding war. Easy to install, and sellers can customize it according to their needs.

Client Story

The client had prerequisites to make this process automatic and functional. We did the development of custom panels for our clients in order to handle easily by their users or customers and, at the same time, provide them the most excellent as well as the best possible service.

The Challenges

There are challenges that we come across like:

Our client believed in superior and high quality codes, so our expert adapted the newest standards to make the code.

There was a massive database to handle and make it work faster.

Well optimized codes to process quickly process the information.

For every minor task, the due date was provided.

The Solution

Our staff worked in accordance to the needs and requirements of our clients. Each task should be appropriately defined in Asana.

The Results

We learned so many things from our client concerning the optimization of the code as well as the latest standards.

We built as well as submitted codes ahead of time.



What We Did