Get Started with Amazon Advertising API Automation.

What if I tell you that there’s a magical wound which can eliminate your time for Ads Campaign Reporting on Amazon, which is completely automated and can handle data of 1000’s of ads campaigns and you no more need to toggle between the 100s of sheet.

Will you be interest to know more about this magic wound? If your answers is “YES”, this article is all about that.

The magic wound is the Amazon Advertising API, which could be used to eradicate your time consuming manual of process of ads campaign reporting and replace it with a fully automated process.

Role of Amazon Advertising API & Do you really need to tap into it?

You are going to scale, we know that. Along with the growing number of products and advertising accounts, the data is going to Wrangle up if you are doing It all manually and don’t use any Amazon Seller Tools for automation. The result of this could be risky numeric errors which could be a huge disaster for analysis and ultimately to the business.

If you need to avoid them and more importantly if you want to save your precious time over the course of manual reporting and want your time to be spent over other important things then you should go for automation with Amazon’s Advertising API.

Amazon Advertising API is provides you a complete access to the Amazon Ads Platform which gives you a whole new level of efficient experience. Manual Downloads are now replaced with Auto Generated Reports.

So why to use Amazon Advertising API?

Two Major Reasons

1. Improves Efficiency

2. Higher Margins

1. Improves Efficiency

If you have worked in Google Sheet or Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers to create any kind of report in past, you understand it very well that how much time and focus it takes.

You also know that how a single small numeric error could cause a big difference and impact to the complete report. Eradicating this things could save up your default time plus the time to correct errors.

2. Higher Margins

Manual processes takes time which cause your work deadlines to be stretched. You could easily cut off the time from the deadlines and reduce your labour cost which eventually can catch up in the different segment of work.

This thing could let you take in more work in a shorter span of time which eventually makes your margin higher.

How Amazon Advertising Analytics & Reporting Works?

Amazon Advertising API provides you with a whole new level of Automation that makes your reporting workflow effortless & efficient.

Amazon Advertising API provides the data for E-commerce Sellers (Specifically on Amazon). This could act as raw material for any of your automated report generation method using any third party platform.

You could see the below snap shot of the dashboard for an amazon seller made using Ecomsellertool with Amazon Advertising API.

Amazon Advertising API is completely free to use.

Yes, you heard it right. Amazon Advertising API is completely free to use and you don’t have to pay anything to amazon for using this service as it comes by default with your seller account.

You might need to pay the another company using Amazon Advertising API to provide you with the platform and API Access.

How to Start using Amazon Advertising API?

Amazon Advertising API provides you with an excellent level of automation with making reports. You could kickstart with the alignment of development resources if you have them in-house.

If you don’t have development resources in-house and don’t want to invest, you could get it done by Ecomsellertool as we have proven level of expertise of working with Amazon Advertising API to provide Amazon MWS Development and take you to the new level of automation. Also, Our Amazon MWS Developers will guide you towards the next generation Amazon Seller Tools.