How Amazon Remote Fulfilment FBA Program helps you Expand to New Markets.

Are you an E-commerce Seller or Amazon Seller from quite a long and you are still selling a one small specific region? Do you want to expand your selling territory to more developed areas to increase your sales?

A good news for you, if you want to sell over the borders. Amazon has come up with a Remote Fulfilment (FBA) Program to simplify cross border selling.

You could easily create offers and sell in Canada and Mexico while sitting in USA with Amazon FBA Program. Amazon will make your product prime-eligible and the whole FBA Program is meant to ease out the selling across border.

So let’s dig deep about how does this FBA Program works for Amazon Seller.

How does Amazon FBA Program Works for Amazon Seller?

Currently Amazon has rolled out FBA Program for Amazon Sellers based in US and the process is pretty simple.

Let’s see the process step by step:

  1. As soon as you list any product on (for selling in Canada) amazon automatically links it to the inventory from US. This means, when you send the item to US Fulfilment center, you job is done. Amazon will take care of the rest.
  2. Import duties are laid on the products and customers have to pay it.
  3. It is amazon’s duty to ship your product to the consumers or to those who ordered overseas.
  4. Amazon will also notify you about which ASINs are eligible
  5. It is important to note that some additional charges like storage fees, customer service charge, FBA fees and more can apply to amazon seller.

You could enroll for FBA Program from your Amazon Seller Account.

Bonus Time!

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Integrate Remote Fulfilment, Seller & Advertising Data

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