How Amazon's New Selling Partner (SP) API Affect Sellers?

Amazon Launched it’s all new Selling Partner (SP) API with a bunch of new feature on October 6th 2020. Amazon’s new SP API is intended to help amazon sellers and make their lives and job easier.

The new API will improve the operations done previously by Amazon MWS and also replace Amazon MWS up to a certain level. Amazon SP API is going to affect Amazon developers as well as amazon sellers.

So before digging deeper into the New Selling Partner API, let’s just recap over what was Amazon MWS and how does it help amazon sellers.

Recap on Amazon MWS

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) is an interface or a dashboard kind of thing for seller centre. Using Amazon MWS, an Amazon Seller could keep a watch and monitor all the activities that he/she is doing on Amazon as a seller.

Amazon MWS API which was based on XML provided functions like managing orders, stocks, price modifications and more. After the increasing market of JSON based API, it faced substantial problem like comparatively slow speed and less error handling capacity and more.

A replacement was needed and Amazon SP API seems to fit in that replacement quite well.

Launch of Amazon SP API

Amazon’s Selling Partner (SP) API is built on REST Design standards based on JSON. This could itself tell that SP API comes with superior improvements compared to MWS. Also Amazon SP API runs all the operations that were previously done by MWS and migration from MWS to Amazon SP API is also a simple task.

Amazon SP API is launched with a vision to automate almost everything in future. Currently Amazon SP API also have some features for automation but they are limited.

New Features/Improvement of Amazon SP API

There are a lot of cool new features in Amazon’s SP API for both developers and amazon sellers. Following are some of the major and noticeable improvements and features that Amazon SP API comes along with.

Improved Control and Privacy:

Amazon’s new SP API allows all the sellers to have full control on and select what information they want to share with other apps and what information they want to hide. This enables more privacy and more control in seller’s hands.

Ability to ask for reviews:

Do you have your account suspended to violate Amazon’s Terms and Policies while trying to ask for reviews? A lot of people have got their seller account suspended. No more. Amazon SP API comes with a feature which allows you to ask for reviews.

Now with this new feature in Amazon SP API, seller could ask for Reviews and feedback to the customer with violating any terms or conditions.

You can now with the help of Amazon’s SP API send review request to the orders completed between 5 to 30 days ago from your seller centre.

Handle Negative Reviews from Seller’s Storefront:

Now you could connect up with the person who left the negative review on your storefront. You can easily solve up their problem and remove the negative review.

This feature is not directly accessible form seller centre. You need to use any other software build on Amazon SP API like Ecomsellertool to take the benefit of this feature.

Not only this, Ecomsellertool makes it all more easier and simpler to manage, handle and operate with Integration of Amazon SP API.