What’s different from Amazon MWS – Amazon Selling Partner API?

In our previous blog we had covered that why Amazon’s new Selling Partner API (Amazon SP API) is so much advanced and powerful than older amazon MWS. If you had not read that blog you could read it here Amazon's New Selling Partner (SP) API.

In this blog, we will see that what are those exact difference that separates and makes Amazon Selling Partner (SP) API more power and superior to the Amazon MWS.

So let’s see what’s different from Amazon MWS in Amazon Selling Partner API.

Introduction: The Basic Difference

The Amazon Selling Partner API is based on REST Design Framework which enables to access data links, orders, payments, reports etc programmatically with a computer software.

The new API has features which lets seller use their time efficiently by automating tasks by providing discovery insights and access to data for selling efficiency.

Following are the new technical points about Amazon SP API

A REST Based framework which completely works on standards of HTTP Methods JSON based inputs and outputs embedded by REST Based framework.

Ability to create Dynamic usage plans, which cause increase rate limits as your business grows. It comes with improvised authentication and permissions handling. You can specify granular permissions. The API tokens are presented through AWS IAM3 in place of a complex registration process.

A sandboxed version of the API is also made available so that you don’t have to test your code on production data.

It comes with new endpoints with a support in all regions.

Support for Restricted Data Tokens is present, which aids in safeguarding the customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Bunch of New APIs included in Selling Partner API :

Authorization API – This Exchanges a current MWS authorization token with an SP API LWA authorization code.

Solicitations API – It let sellers send less important solicitations to customers.

Messaging API – It Allows sellers to send supported message types to consumers.

Notifications API – It obtain notifications on new ASIN changes. Let’s the developers to get information about changes happening in the ASIN detail page content.

Sales API – It Enables sellers to create detailed reports on Sales history.

FBA Small and Light API – This offers FBA small and light program support.

FBA Inbound Eligibility API– Compliments the inbound workflow of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) by allowing selling partners to check ASIN eligibility for partaking in FBA before generating inbound shipments.

FBA Inventory API – Improved FBA inventory API available with a new feature for FBA sellers.

If you are an amazon seller and still working on Amazon MWS, don’t worry. Amazon has no plans to discontinue support of MWS. To add more, you should quickly migrate to Amazon SP API which could scale up your sales and save your time.

Get in touch with Ecomsellertool to migrate from Amazon MWS to Amazon SP API based software because we have it already.