Sun Company- Customized Amazon Advertising Management Software

Sun Company is an Amazon Advertising Management Software that is used in managing keywords and product listings to save cost and increase sales. It is used mainly to reduce the ACoS with the help of specified triggers.

The client approached us to make a customized amazon advertising management software that will help them to find paid and organic search terms and help manage amazon paid ads and amazon product listings.

Client Story:

Our client wanted a custom Amazon Advertising Tool that can manage the organic and paid listings and also search for new keywords. They wanted to save their ad spend and utilize their money in a better way.


The main challenge that we, Ecomsellertool as a team faced was to understand Sun Company’s objectives and its core functions properly.

Another challenge was to brainstorm a lot of different ideas to build new features in the customized web app as the client wanted a single app to manage its advertising and organic listing.


Ecomsellertool developed a customized amazon advertisement management web application, Sun Company, that helps the user in the following processes:

  • Searching Organic and Paid Rankings for the products
  • Applying Triggers to optimize the listing and save money
  • Applying Trigger to move the search term to negative if there is already a listing present in organic search
  • Applying Trigger to move the search term to positive if there isn’t any organic listing
  • Automating the keyword bids at night
  • Creating Reports and Bidding Report Card in Dashboard
  • Changing Manual Bids in Bulk
  • Managing a report of total spend, total sales, blended ACoS, and organic sales across Amazon DSP and Sponsored Ads


The client became happy with the services provided by Ecomsellertool. We developed a fully functional on-demand app solution that met with client’s expectations.

Advertising and Organic Product Management got easier for our client after Sun Company. They didn’t have to check and worry about their money getting wasted. The whole process of ads management got automated with the help of Sun Company. The menace of managing various products, keywords, and ads was solved by Ecomsellertool.

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