Revolutionizing Campaign Management through Automation

TRAKTOR: Revolutionising Campaign Management through Automation

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Highlights of the Project

1. Automated Budget Adjustments: Enabled dynamic adjustment of campaign budgets based on predefined rules and real-time data.

2. Efficient Data Synchronization: Ensured data synchronization processes were optimized for accuracy and speed.

3. Compliance with Amazon Constraints: Effectively managed Amazon's processing time constraints through advanced algorithms and staggered data fetching.

4. Predictive Analytics: Utilized predictive analytics to anticipate and mitigate potential delays, ensuring critical updates were prioritized.

5. Improved Decision-Making: Empowered strategic decision-making by providing real-time, accurate data updates, freeing clients from manual tasks.


TRAKTOR is a project focused on rule management for advertising campaigns, dynamically adjusting campaign budgets based on predefined conditions, lookback periods, and frequencies to optimize performance and efficiency.


Rules: The Rules module is the main module of the TRAKTOR project, containing all the essential details for managing and executing advertising campaign adjustments. It includes a list of criteria, which are the conditional parameters that must be fulfilled for the rule to be triggered. These criteria might include performance metrics like click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, or return on ad spend (ROAS). The module also features a lookback window, defining the period over which data is compared to evaluate these criteria, customizable to various durations such as the past today , yesterday, 7, 14 days. Additionally, the frequency component specifies how often the rule should be executed, ranging from hourly to daily or weekly intervals. The operation component outlines the actions to be taken when criteria are met, including increasing or decreasing the campaign budget by a certain amount or percentage, with specified minimum and maximum limits. This comprehensive module ensures that campaign budgets are dynamically managed, facilitating strategic decision-making and optimising overall performance.

Action Logs: The Action Log in TRAKTOR offers a concise yet comprehensive overview of rule executions within advertising campaigns. It meticulously records essential details such as the rule name, associated campaign, previous and new budget values, along with timestamps for each budget update. This succinct log provides users with a clear history of budget adjustments, enabling them to track changes over time and evaluate the effectiveness of different rules.

Listing Optimization: Listing Optimization provides a comprehensive list of all available products, allowing for analysis based on predefined criteria. When the criteria are satisfied, scores are assigned to each product. This process also involves analyzing top reviews, filtering out the most valuable ones to enhance product listings and improve their visibility and performance.

Reports: The main base reports which we are using are sponsoredProduct, sponsoredBrand, sponsoredBrandsvideo,sponsoredProduct.

About the Client

TRAKTOR" tells the inspiring tale of two visionary brothers driven by a shared passion for innovation. Recognizing the potential of automation to revolutionise their business, they embarked on a journey to create a rule management system. This system streamlines budget updates and criteria implementation, liberating them from manual tasks and empowering strategic decision-making. With unwavering determination, they harnessed technology to propel their business forward, setting a new standard for automation in their industry.

What were the challenges faced ?

Several challenges in implementation are : ensuring timely budget updates based on the most recent data despite potential delays in data retrieval, adhering to Amazon's processing time constraints which could range from 5 to 120 minutes, and optimising data synchronisation processes to maintain accuracy and efficiency.

What Solution we provided?

To overcome these challenges, we employed a multifaceted approach. We conducted extensive research and development to optimise data synchronisation processes and implemented staggered data fetching methods to ensure timely updates. By leveraging predictive analytics, we anticipated potential delays and prioritised critical updates. Additionally, we incorporated advanced algorithms to seamlessly integrate with Amazon's constraints, ensuring that updates were processed efficiently within the 5 to 120-minute window. This comprehensive strategy enabled us to maintain accuracy and efficiency while adhering to external processing constraints.

Final Results

Through meticulous planning and execution, TRAKTOR delivered a robust and reliable system that exceeded client expectations. The integration of advanced algorithms and optimised data synchronisation techniques ensured updates were both timely and accurate. This solution not only resolved potential delays but also significantly enhanced overall system performance. With seamless, real-time data updates.:

TRAKTOR's success stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology and innovation in propelling businesses towards greater efficiency and success.

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