Custom Amazon Advertising Tool for Truskin Portal

At Ecomsellertool, we made a customized amazon advertising solution for Truskin. It is a face and skincare product brand that offers a wide range of products across several marketplaces.

The amazon advertising tool helps the brand to manage orders and their receipts altogether. It helps the brand in tracking performance reports, setting tags, calculating expenses, and much more.

Client Story:

The client wanted a customized amazon advertising tool to manage their data, reports, ASIN data, tags, SP API reports, and business reports. The client was unable to manage the reports, tasks updates, tags, and ad campaigns altogether.

There was a requirement for a customized amazon advertising tool that would be easy to use and have enough features and that’s where we come in. We helped Truskin to manage their orders and ads efficiently by offering a great solution.


The main challenge that we, Ecomsellertool as a team faced was to understand Truskin and its core functions properly as we had to build an advertising solution from the scratch.

Another challenge was to brainstorm a lot of different ideas to add new features to the web application as the existing ones were not helping the client.


Ecomsellertool developed a customized amazon advertising web application that helps the user in the following processes:

  • Creating custom dashboards and columns using all field from the different available reports
  • Keeping data updated for last 60 days as Amazon changes data daily
  • Getting connected with SP API
  • Getting connected with Amazon Advertising
  • Mapping campaigns ASINs to Sponsored Brands Ads and Sponsored Display Ads products as there is no ASIN column in the Amazon report to get accurate advertisement spend and sales figures
  • Creating Dynamic Tags like Offense, Branded, Cross-sell, Pawn, Defense, SBV, SP, SD, SB, TOS, Conquesting and maintaining them
  • Creating reports from Sponsored Products campaigns like advertising_campaigns_report, adGroups, keywords, search_term, productAds, targets, and asins
  • Creating reports from Sponsored Brands campaigns like advertising_brands_campaigns_report, advertising_brands_ad_group_report, advertising_brands_keywords_report
  • Creating reports from Sponsored Brands Video campaigns like advertising_brands_video_campaigns_report, advertising_brands_ad_group_video_report, and advertising_brands_keywords_video_report
  • Creating reports from Sponsored Display campaigns like advertising_display_campaigns_report, advertising_display_ad_group_report, advertising_display_product_report, advertising_display_targets_report, advertising_display_asins_report
  • Viewing Dashboard data from past 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days and comparing it with the previous data
  • Checking the trend of the product to determine which product can bring good sales


The client was very happy with the portal and its functioning. They got the exact amazon advertising tool that they wished for. They can now easily manage the ads and their products and analyze the product reports easily.

Ecomsellertool helped Truskin to solve their issue of product management, price management, and product analyzing. We also helped them to integrate the SP API and Amazon Advertising. The streamlining of data with products helped them to plan their products and strategy accordingly.

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