About Zquared:

  • Zquared is a web-based application to have accurate profit analytics for amazon sellers. By using Zquared sellers can increase profits, save time and also monitor KPI’s.


  • Live Dashboard which displays detailed information on Amazon fees, PPC spend, return cost, promotion cost, and fixed cost. The seller can also view by time period or by product.
  • Configurable charts that enable a quick and convenient analysis of your Key Performance Indicators.
  • Profit and loss view which is a smart, clickable P&L statement, with the ability to focus on every parameter (e.g., amazon fees) of each time period.
  • The cashflow tool helps the seller plan the amount of available cash and make the right management decisions.
  • PPC optimization tracks the profitability of your PPC campaigns, ad groups, and keywords and helps you optimize bids to reach your target profitability.
  • Product Breakdown which gives exact details on any product and for any time period or market place.
  • Exact display of all amazon fees.
  • Monitoring of your fixed cost and other expenses.
  • Restock alerts.
  • Export data in CSV or Excel files.
  • Send automated messages to your buyers, to collect more feedback, product reviews and provide better customer service by Autoresponder.
  • Refunds for lost inventory.
  • Users and rights management allows you to grant other users access to your Zquared account.

Client Story:

  • Profit calculation was tough as there were many brands and companies.
  • Zquared approached us to design a website in a way that Amazon sellers would get to know at first glance about all the services it provides. Also, the website and software needs to be responsive so that it can be easily accessed from different devices.
  • The client also told us to add some features which are not in the competition.


  • The main challenge was to showcase the content properly as there was enough content to display so everything needed to be organized properly.
  • We needed to choose the solution that would add the desired functionality to the website. Simplicity but attractiveness in the looks, responsive design, fast loading, perfect organization of the content and easy navigation.


  • We listened to the client, analyzed his requirements and then created the strategy after finalizing the platform. Then we implemented that strategy step by step while giving importance to the features that the client had recommended us to focus on.


  • The website was designed in the exact way the client wanted and encompassed all the functionality to the best.
  • Our passionate efforts, thoughtful strategies, in-depth knowledge of the technology and years of experience helped us design the website that encompasses infatuating looks and high performance.
  • The fast loading speed, easy-to-use interface, easy navigation, and the attractive design have really helped the organization to help maximum sellers, in a concise way.


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